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Sunday, October 27, 2013

5 Safe Chew Toys that Veterinarians Give to Their Own Dogs and Cats

Veterinarians know what toys are safe for their pet to play with. As a follow up to the blog on what not to let your dog or cat chew on,  I asked several veterinarians and veterinary technicians to tell me what they consider acceptable toys for their own dogs and cats.* Here are the top 5 items they prefer:

The Classic Kong
Kong: The Kong products seem to top everyone’s list as  safe, durable, and fun toys for dogs. Fill the classic Kong with peanut butter and kibble, put it in the freezer overnight, and let your dog go to town. They even make a blue Kong that is radio-opaque so in the unlikely event that it is fragmented and eaten it will be visible on x-ray films.
Goughnut stick
Goughnuts: These durable toys are the favorite of some of the vets I asked. The interior of the sticks and other toys are red so that the owner can easily see if the toy has been damaged and needs to be taken away from the dog.
Kong Pajama Buddy

Kong Pajama Buddy: Fill these with catnip to make them an attractive toy for your cat. One vet told me her cat even takes them camping!

Orka Dog Toys: Like the Kong, these tough toys come in variable shapes and can be filled to treats to enhance and make them more interesting.

Busy Buddies: The Kibble Nibble toy is filled with dry dog kibble. Bits of kibble drop out as the dog rolls the toy around the floor. Warning: dogs get pretty good at efficiently getting the dry food to fly out of the toy, but at least they’re getting some exercise!

*Disclaimer: although these products are considered safer than other commonly used chew toys, supervision of your dog or cat when playing with or chewing on an item is highly recommended. Make sure to offer an appropriate size of toy that cannot be swallowed whole by your pet.

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