Stephen J. Birchard DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blog Updates: NSAID Vote Final Tally, What's Coming Next Week, And I Have Questions For You

Final tally on NSAID preferences:

Which NSAID do you prefer for your canine patients?

Of course this is not a scientifically designed poll but Rimadyl was the clear choice amoung those who voted.

Don't forget to vote on which GI surgeries you feel comfortable doing. I like to ask questions like this because it helps me "gauge" my audience and influences what content I present in future posts.

More Discussion of the Blogs

I'm trying to figure out a way to get more discussion going on the blog website. I receive very few comments on the website itself, although many people comment on my Facebook page. Is that because you have to have a Google account to comment on the blog site? If you would rather not post a comment on the blog website, one option would be for you to put your comment or question on the facebook page:
Then I could copy and paste the comment or question and my answer on the blog for everyone to see. Of course I would make it anonymous in case you don't want your name on it. Another option would be to email your question to me ( and then I could post it on the blog website.
Either of these options sound OK? I would love your input.

How Can We Reach More People?

I would also love your input on how we can have the blogs reach more vets, techs, and students. Not that I'm unhappy with the number of page visits we're getting but I'm just not confident that we always get the desired exposure on facebook that we want. How can we share the Vet Key Points website so that we can get more "traffic" as they say. (in general I hate "business-speak" like that but it seems like a good word here.) Do you belong to any online veterinary groups that might be interested in the site? Let me know any ideas you have.

What's Coming Next Week?

Look for more discussion of intestinal surgery topics, some "What's Your Diagnosis" cases, one that I did at Circle City Veterinary Specialty Hospital just last week, and  I'm working on making a video, using a model, of intestinal resection and anastomosis.

So, stay tuned!